Merchandising & Promotion

Regate Effective is a software platform that automates all merchandising procedures that FMCG and other companies perform on a daily basis.Regate Effective Merchandising and Field Marketing module has been developed in conjunction with client needs, and can cover most common needs for data collection from the field and direct reporting to the supervising teams.

Using Regate Effective, you can record a lot of information available on the market, including:

• Out of Stock

• Facing

• Pricing

• Stock Control

• Stand/Displays

• Sell-out Procedures

• Questionnaires

Regate Effective can provide the tools to monitor the agreements and assortment for each Point of Presence/Sale, perform activities such as Facing, Price Monitoring, Stock collection and Out-of-stock, monitor competition and record all appropriate information that a modern company needs to effectively promote their products. The GPS and Photo modules can help monitor actions on the field, and manage the merchandising teams and their effectiveness.

Regate Effective can be easily integrated with the customer’s corporate ERP / back-office system, such as SAP R/3 or Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and exchange information on a regular, or on an real-time basis.

Regate Effective can be installed on any mobile device based on Microsoft Windows or Android, such as PDAs, Smartphones, Laptops and Tablets, covering the needs of every mobile worker. Regate Effective can also be installed on a cloud environment for versatile teams that require extensibility and an environment that can change according to daily needs (e.g. seasonality products).

Using Regate Effective, a company can have a 360-degree view of their field marketing, merchandising and promotion activities with a low cost of ownership.