Regate Effective has been enormously deployed on pharmaceutical companies, for their OTC and medicine department. Regate Effective SFA has two main functions in regards to this industry:

Pharmacies: Regate Effective can help the sales force visiting pharmacies, to perform their stock control procedures, examine the sell-in and sell-out of products, and help the sales force in negotiating the order of the pharmacy to the company. Moreover, Regate Effective can help manage the financial position of the client, reminding him of open items, expired invoices and client balance.

Doctors: Regate Effective can be used by teams that would like to monitor their relationship with doctors, either in their personal offices or in hospitals. Regate Effective acts as a mini CRM that can help the medical rep manage his contacts, view the historical data and visits in regards to this doctor, and

The above information can be collected and managed by the mobile users, on an Android or Windows device (Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet). The Regate Effective client application works off-line, therefore the mobile user does not need a constant internet access to work with the application. When the user needs to send data to the headquarters, he/she can synchronize the data to the main server, with a click of a button. The synchronization procedure lasts 2-5 seconds on a 3G network, or approximately 10 seconds on a GPRS network.

From the management side, Regate Effective can provide all the information directly to ERP, CRM or to a BI/Reporting system. Therefore, Regate Effective can extend your current system with more information that is traditionally not available on ERP information, but is crucial to progress your business from the marketing side.