Most retail procedures are usually related to merchandizing activities. Regate Effective has been applied in many different scenarios by a number of multinational companies in the past including Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Vodafone, Procter & Gamble, either directly or through below-the-line marketing agencies.

In general, Regate Effective can be used by teams of promoters or beauticians in several cases such as:

Data collection on the road: Collect data, perform surveys, complete questionnaires in conjunction with product categories and present them to management. Regate Effective is the tool to help you collect data and prepare them for statistical analysis.

Promotion Activities: Promoters can use Regate Effective to record the in-store sales, and behavior of people in regards to the products promoted.

Sell-Out Campaigns: Regate Effective can help promoters or beauticians or other professional users record the sell-out information of specific stores or other points of sale. Apart from customer behavior, the information that is collected refers to sales on the spot, possible returns, out-of-stock products, etc.

Using Regate Effective, management can have almost real-time data of the activities and campaigns of their marketing and sales departments in regards to retail sales. Regate Effective can provide all the information directly to ERP, CRM or to a BI/Reporting system. Therefore, Regate Effective can extend your current system with more information that is traditionally not available on ERP information, but is crucial to progress your business from the marketing side.