Sales Teams

Sales Teams

Regate Effective is a software platform capable of performing all actions made by a sales team. Regate Effective SFA helps both managers and their teams schedule their daily routes and monitor the progress of each visit of the salesman to the end customer. In general, the sales team has the ability to perform:

• Order taking procedures with commercial policies applied

• Returns procedures (e.g. expired or damaged products)

• Merchandizing Activities (Pricing, Facing, Stock Control, etc.)

• Collections

• Reporting (client balance, open items)

• Customer Contacts

• Photo-shoot activities on the point of presence

• GPS location activities

• Questionnaires

• Record expenses

• Open “temporary” new clients

• Monitor the stock per warehouse and per product

Since 2004, Regate Effective has been installed in a number of companies that have sales teams that visit pharmacies, supermarkets, warehouses, retail shops and other client points of presence. The maturity of Regate Effective allows it to be easily customizable to the needs of every commercial or manufacturing company that needs to automate the everyday tasks of their mobile workforce.

Regate Effective can be installed on any mobile device based on Microsoft Windows or Android, such as PDAs, Smartphones, Laptops and Tablets, covering the needs of every mobile worker. Regate Effective can also be installed on a cloud environment for versatile teams that require extensibility and an environment that can change according to daily needs (e.g. seasonality products).

Using Regate Effective, a company can have a 360-degree view of their field marketing, merchandising, promotion and sales activities with a low cost of ownership.