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Mobile SFA Video Case Study: Sarantis Group

«The sales process has accelerated, therefore our salesforce has more time for each customer, for more visits as well as they can prepare much better compared to the past. Our biggest benefit as a group of companies, was to transfer the SFA expertise to our Eastern European countries and roll-out the same solution with SAP integration.»

The Need

  • Sales Force Automation for 4 business segments (Mass market, B2B, Pharmacies, Retail)
  • Upgrade old SFA within a strict timeframe (2 months from signature to go-live)
  • Rapid search and detection of customers and products
  • Easy sales process completion
  • Fast and reliable data transmission in the base (Back Office)
  • GPS Capabilities
  • Merchandizing (Out of Stock, Competition, Facing, Pricing, Secondary Placements, etc)
  • Reporting for sales supervisors and directors


The Solution

  • Automated all salesforce activities on the field
  • eDetailing Capabilities built-in to the tablet
  • Versatile merchandising scenarios and rapid on-the-fly reporting
  • Use of Android devices due to agility, support and availability of devices
  • Multilingual solution both in Tablet and back-office
  • Consolidation of SFA systems for international offices to the same platform


The benefits

  • All salesforce activities have been accelerated
  • The company can perform more visits in a day
  • New needs are communicated and developed in short delivery times
  • Easy over-the-air installations
  • 24/7 technical support


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